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Let's Crush The Chaos Sabotaging Your Business Success

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Let's Crush The Chaos Sabotaging Your Business Success

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Business owners facing the toughest business challenges trust the Flourish Team to co-pilot them from rough waters to smooth sailing.

Whether your next bold business move requires a growth plan, a technology adaptation roadmap, or an urgent turnaround, Flourish brings the business expertise, technology implementation skills, and relentless work ethic to see you safely on your journey.

Business Owners are faced with increasingly complex technology investment decisions, but many technology consultants are too specialized to build a complete plan for a small to mid-sized business.A team who understands sales & marketing, business operations, service delivery, accounting, and IT infrastructure is hard to find – until you find Flourish.

Our Flourish team assembles the full spectrum of resources to build a comprehensive solution in an understandable plan; design, implement, and support – we are always by your side.


If all you need is a box of software, we aren’t your team.If you want to calibrate your systems for maximum business performance returns, we’d love to guide you through that journey.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Nona MacDermid for the better part of the last 25 years.  No where have I met a better team that can deliver a product that blends sound technology and accounting practices for business.  I highly recommend Nona and her team. They are a joy to work with and there is no project they cannot accomplish efficiently!"

~ Marlene Sampson, RM Landry & Son Limited

How We Can Help...

Business Transformation

Action-packed 2-Day bootcamp takes your team from chaos to clarity in 48 hours.  Using our Success Optimization System you can go from Drifting to Delivery in just 21 days.


CxO Service

Customized Leadership Support for business owners who need anything from urgent turnaround support to some mentoring to ease your team into your new way of operating

Technology Implementation & Support

Your customized tech roadmap for high impact, rapid ROI investments that deliver business impact where you need it most. We have partnerships with Spire, Nylus, Zoho, Shopify, Payfirma, and SPS Commerce.

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